Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How to switch to the new Yahoo! Mail beta

Even though I only occasionally use my spam-filled Yahoo! Mail account I must say I was a bit jealous when my wife (who has a Yahoo! France account) got the invitation to switch to the new Yahoo! Mail Beta recently. I had to get it too! Well, I am so happy with my Gmail that I more or less forgot about it, but today I found this little hack to get an invitation while surfing some blogs:

Get in on the Yahoo! Mail beta - Lifehacker
- Log in to Yahoo Mail
- click Options
- select Account information from the left panel
- go to Member Information, General Preferences, Preferred Content
- select, for example, Yahoo UK
- click Finished
- go to Yahoo Mail
- you’ll see a page that says “It’s the New Yahoo! Mail Beta… and you’re invited.”
- click on “Try Beta Now”.

In my case I changed the preferences to Yahoo! Canada as I will be moving there soon anyway (see my project) and it worked. However this won't make me go back and use Yahoo as my primary e-mail. The new Yahoo! Mail Beta may be a bit better than the old but my first impression was: sloooooooooow! It doesn't look very good either, sort of like Outlook with ads! Since I have been using Gmail I got so used its thread view and to labels instead of folders that I cannot imagine working with something else.

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