Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Eye-Fi - the revolution that digital cameras need

I have been thinking about this before and hope it will become reality soon:
Scobleizer - Microsoft Geek Blogger » More on Eye-Fi'd love this. No buttons to push. Just turn your camera on when you're within your WiFi network at home (or possibly at WiFi hotspots that are open around the world) and everything happens — automatically. When he took my picture my picture appeared on his computer without him touching the camera further. Obviously there's a bit of setup, but that's easy. Anyone who can use a Web browser could setup the system.
...You don't need as much memory if you have an Eye-Fi. Why? Cause your camera's memory is just a cache. As soon as you're within a WiFi hotspot the camera could spit the photos to your favorite photo sharing site (BubbleShare, for instance, lets you upload and download full photo files, so you wouldn't need to store them on the local camera)....

As Scoble says, I want one... that is if they come out with a CF version!

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