Friday, January 28, 2005

First contact with the Shuffle

My iPod Shuffle just arrived, 15 days after I ordered it from the
Apple Store - not too bad, I was fearing it would take longer until it
would be available in Europe. I have always liked Apple's designs but
was never really considering to buy something from them until the iPod
and iPod Mini appeared. However the arrival of the iPod Shuffle and
its competitive price prompted me to buy my first ever Apple product.
Now my first impressions upon opening that nice little green box:
small,... could have been a little shorter though, light,... very
light. Very nice look and general feel! The USB cap has a good fit,
don't really think this is something you would loose easily. Didn't
have time to install iTunes and load it so I just took it without the
headphones and headed back to work after lunch.
On my work PC I plugged it in and it was recognized within a few
seconds as removable drive. Loaded a 630MB video file on it that
couldn't fit on my 512MB USB drive - done after about 8 minutes.
Let's see this evening what else this little thing can do!
To be continued...

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