Tuesday, February 01, 2005

iPod Shuffle ups and downs

So I've used my Shuffle for a few hours over the last three days now
and I have to say that it seems to have more limits than I thought.
The first time I filled it using autofill I was pleasantly surprised
by the resulting playlist in shuffle mode. Naturally, I like most of
the music that I have bought, so I had to skip a track only once in a
while when for example one of my wife's mp3s came up. Speaking of my
wife, a negative thing about the iPod Shuffle is that I will probably
have to buy one for her as well - until then I have to share it, do I
have to blame that on Apple or my wife?
While listening to music from my library I never felt the need for a
screen, I recognized most of the songs, and if not... who cares, it
won't kill me!
Wanting to try all the capabilities of this player I got a trial
Audible account to download some free audiobooks and this is where the
no-screen-option becomes a problem. If you listen to George W. Bush's
inaugural speech (got this because it was a free download) I was more
than tempted to look at a screen to be able to see the remaining
I got two more audiobooks and find it quite tiresome to listen to it,
switch back to listening to some music and then having to fast forward
through four hours of audio to be able to continuing to listen the
audiobook where you left it... I guess that I will never become a fan
of audiobooks, at least I can say that I tried.
Another thing that I still have to take some time for is to figure out
how to make this iPod work on two PCs. This seems to be a big problem
until now. I have one PC at home without Internet access and one at
work with Internet access. On both PCs the installation of iTunes
screwed up something, Windows won't shut down properly anymore and
there seems to be no way to fill up the iPod from two different
libraries without disassociating it from one every time. More on that
when I get some time to play around some more...

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