Monday, January 02, 2006

First hot pixel on my E-500

So this last week-end I took my new E-500 with me whenever I went outside and while I start to get the basics now I am still far from mastering the advanced possibilities that a DSLR offers. I have read the advanced manual but it's quite a challenge to memorise everything, anyways, everything comes with experience so I'll just shoot and shoot and shoot.
While shooting at night I noticed what I thought was a dead pixel, after some research I found that it's rather a "hot pixel". See: De Pixeles Muertos (dead pixels) y Pixeles Caliente (hot pixels) backfocus for those of you who understand spanish. Just found a quick definition in english as well: Dead pixel/hot pixel
And it seems I am not alone with this problem: New E-500 with possible dead pixels.

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