Friday, January 13, 2006

About that pixel problem...

The problem I (thought) I had with my Olympus E-500 has disappeared! First I though that the sensor had a hot pixel but after looking more closely I ultimately found out that it seemed to be on the LCD viewer, not in the photos themselves when looking at them on the PC. But now the problem just went away, I never saw that red pixel again. Is it possible that a pixel gets stuck on a LCD and repairs itself after a while? I'll do some research on that and hope it won't reappear.


chuck said...

On your E-500 if one ever comes around again, do this:

Menu -> Wrench #2 -> Pixel Mapping (towards the bottom)

It'll re-map the pixels and do what they do at the factory, so if you ever come across one again, do that, and your good to go.

oHoToS said...

Thanks for your comment Chuck. Actually the problem "disappeared" because I couldn't see it when taking daylight photos. Now that I had a chance to observe it again on darker photos I saw that it's actually a dead pixel on the LCD, not on the sensor. I knew about the pixel mapping function but I was advised not to use it on a new camera. I went to the store and they cannot do anything about a dead pixel on the LCD screen, less than three dead pixels seem to be seen as normal and they won't change the scree for that.